The Saving Salmon Podcast

The Saving Salmon Podcast: Maine is home to the last runs of wild Atlantic salmon in the United States. Join hosts Charlie Schmidt and Caroline Losneck as they travel the state, talking with Mainers about the history, decline, and recovery of the ‘King of Fish’ through 3 short (~20min) episodes. Episode 1 features your very own Fish Friends Coordinator!

ASF’s “Magic on the Rivers” Guide Now Available!

Hot off the presses: ASF’s “Magic on the Rivers” guide was published in July 2019 and is a great resource for Fish Friends schools and allies!

“The purpose is to assist those teaching young adults the pleasures of salmon and trout angling. It does so in light of the need for these 21st century anglers to practice conservation ethics that match the needs of the rivers and the fish.” 

While the entire 126-page resource is full of educational gems, Fish Friends participants may find Modules 3, 5, and 6 most applicable.

You can download the whole thing by visiting our Participant Resources page. Let us know how you use it!