Participant Resources

Sign up for the 2022-23 fish egg permit has closed.

Equipment Setup and Tank Maintenance Information
(includes a link to a video)

A limited number of these life cycle poster sets are available to Fish Friends participants.

Suggested donations of $5-20 will be reinvested in the Fish Friends program.

Contact Fish Friends Coordinator to request yours.


NOAA/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Salmon Lesson Plans designed for grades 5-8

Visuals and Info Sheets:

ASF’s “Wild Atlantic Salmon: A Natural Wonder,” nice visuals and text

NASCO’s (North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization) brief overview of the salmon life cycle with a helpful visual

Videos, Audio, and Games:

Fish Friends YouTube Channel: see Atlantic salmon at their various stages throughout the Fish Friends program

Watch rare footage of wild Atlantic salmon documented in Maine in 2020 and learn about Atlantic Salmon Federation’s Maine Headwaters Project successes in this 7-minute video.

Maine Audubon’s Fish Friends site, including a series of “Salmon Shorts” videos

Downeast Salmon Federation’s 6-minute video about Atlantic salmon and their unique hatchery method. Also check out DSF’s YouTube Channel.

To the Journey’s End: The Life Cycle of the Atlantic Salmon,” a 30-minute video about the life cycle and struggles of Atlantic salmon, produced in Scotland

Atlantic Salmon Life Cycle 3-minute video, created by Washington Academy students in East Machias, ME in 2019

Salmon Rivers of Downeast Maine 7-minute video, all about the threats to salmon in this region, created by Washington Academy students in East Machias, ME in 2019

Threats to Atlantic Salmon 6-minute video, created by Washington Academy students in East Machias, ME in 2019

Swim for your Life Game, recommended by a Fish Friends teacher. “The game traces the natural history of the anadromous fish. In the game, they begin their lives as developing fish embryos contained within the egg, then larval fish living and feeding in marshland nurseries. Later they move into the river and estuary to begin their journey to the ocean….”

Why should we care about endangered species? A short video all about it.

The Saving Salmon Podcast: Maine is home to the last runs of wild Atlantic salmon in the United States. Join hosts Charlie Schmidt and Caroline Losneck as they travel the state, talking with Mainers about the history, decline, and recovery of the ‘King of Fish’ through 3 short (~20min) episodes. Episode 1 features your very own Fish Friends Coordinator!


Tarka the Otter

Salar the Salmon
(a few free copies may be available, contact us if you’re interested)