Testimonials from 2019 Fish Friends Participants

This is our 26th year doing the Fish Friends project. We are so thankful to those of you that keep this program going! It is the highlight of our students’ Academy Hill School experience!

Academy Hill School teacher

Fish Friends provided my class with a valuable learning experience. My students were interested and involved all the way through the process. We had amazing support and teaching from our mentor.

Cornville Regional Charter School teacher

I’ve been doing this program for years. It is important for students to learn about our natural world, understand, and take care of it, for the benefit of the animals and survival of the planet. Every creature matters and it our responsibility to be good stewards.

Great Salt Bay School teacher

I can talk all day about how salmon develop and the challenges that they face here in Maine, but feel like I don’t really get through to students. However, once we had the eggs in our classroom, students really started to put the ideas together and truly understand what was happening. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with my students!!

Hampden Academy teacher

Our school has participated in this program for over 20 years. The students still get just as excited watching the salmon grow and participating in their release.

Indian Island School teacher

Raising salmon is high interest – anything I connect to the salmon gets 100 percent of the kids’ attention. This is a very valuable program.

Margaret Chase Smith School teacher

Fish Friends helped learning become fun, engaging and exciting again!

Sacopee Valley Middle School teacher

Our students loved watching the salmon hatch and taking care of them. It was really powerful to bring them to the river and release them. The students felt empowered to make the world a better place.

Saint George School teacher

Fish Friends and the salmon hatchery provide an awesome educational experience for students (and educators), who are in need of repeated exposure to the natural world during an impressionable period in their lives. This is likely their first chance to see the beating heart of a vertebrate embryo!

Yarmouth Elementary School teacher